About Us

We have been travelling for 40+ years and are always up for a new adventure! We love people, places and food!

This blog is dedicated to all those who travel, either by themselves, with others, or from the comfort of their armchairs. It is intended to inspire, excite, educate, and promote knowledge. It can be a lifeline to the world around us and an outlet for the adventurer. I hope it will chronicle many a cultural exchange, fulfill lifetime dreams, and allow everyone who reads it to benefit in some small way. Its purpose is to bring a smile to every face, a warmth to each heart, and to confirm the humanity of us all!

“When we eat together, we speak together, and build understanding of each other for a lifetime!”

We have traveled to over 65 countries and have eaten everything from snakes to snail soup, from bush meat to crickets! If you like food stay connected as we will come up with some good stuff!

We hope to bring the maps and the food to your table along with some recipes to try out for your selves, adding of course, where they come from and who we ate with along the way. Stay tuned as we build our pages to include recipe cards that can be printed!

We will be trying out some new gadgets and apps and will let you know if they work, how they work, and if they really were useful to us on the road!

You will also get to know our favorite restaurants, airlines, bus routes and travel companies.

Get ready for the Adventures to begin anew!

Over 65 countries! And it just keeps getting better…

Maps, planes, trains and autos…

Food, friends, restaurants and recipes …