Akrogiali Hotel and the Aegean Blue Doors

There are places in the world where, as soon as you enter, you know you have come home!
As we walked tiredly through the Aegean blue front doors into the Akrogiali Hotel we knew we had found another home. Our host Pearsa and her mom Irenei were there to welcome us with open arms and the promise of a truly wonderful, relaxing stay. Pearsa gave us a choice of three rooms and mentioned that dinner would be Papachaika or ‘little shoes’. We discussed the western and the Mediterranean differences in the preparation of food and Greek food in particular. I knew I had a found a culinary sister. We laughed, we talked, and then we settled in to a beautiful spacious room with a kitchenette and a nice bath.
We did not have to even decide to stay for dinner it was a foregone conclusion…little shoes for us!

We decided to check out the beach and take a dip. Ohhh, so glad we did. It was wonderful after a hot car ride and an exciting drive down the mountain to the sea. The beach is lovely and is comprised mainly of round ‘soft’ marble rocks. Stand on these warm round marbles and give yourself a great foot massage!

The shore drops off nicely at a good height for the perfect swim. No sand to mess with afterward, just sit back in the orange sun chairs provided by the hotel, relax and have a cold one from Persa’s husband’s beach bar!

The time flies when having fun…or so they say! And, before we knew it it was dinner time and we planted ourselves in the beautiful garden next to the sea for dinner. Pearsa served us the best meal we have had on Lesvos (and there have been a few good ones). Greek salad, papachaika, fresh bread, olives, and a dessert of sweet grapes and mouth watering melon. We were in heaven. A lovely local wine completed the meal and we were well satisfied.

When we booked this hotel we marveled at the ratings given on numerous site 9.6, 9.9; 5/5 and I almost didn’t believe that any small hotel could actually gain such ratings. Now we have experienced it for our selves we are sure that the ratings are correct. The Akrogiali Hotel is superb! It is the love and kindness put into every room, every service, every drink, or sandwich, or meal that creates the perfect ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling for every guest who walks through those Aegean blue doors!

We will be back! Highly recommended!!



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