Switchbacks to the Sea

We took the long road…as usual!

Driving from Kalloni Bay Resort to Plomari Beach was a bit of a wild ride. The switchbacks were awesome and the tiny towns were interesting with their narrow cobble stone streets and buildings situated in the middle of the road! We got stuck in one town where the street was so narrow that we had to wait until the car driver ahead of us came out from shopping to drive away before we could navigate the street. One corner was so close we turned in our mirrors so that we could get by the building that was literally located jutting out into the street! We loved it!

Navigate this!

We drove to the very end of the road and ended up in Vatera. Found a nice little restaurant called Zouros and had a lovely little lunch. Pita souvlaki with all the trimmings – minus of course, ketchup and mustard. A nice glass of local wine and we were ready to relax on the beach side terrace for awhile.

The mountain jutted into the sea at a number of locations and presented absolutely wonderful views. Any one wanting a little excitement should drive these roads as the switchbacks are incredible…hairpin turns where you would need to back up if you meet a large truck. [rules say the smaller vehicle backs up not the bigger one]. Some were so tight that a bus was parked on the side of the road because the wheel base was too long andit could not actually navigate the downward trun without going over the edge!
After lunch and a relaxing rest we headed out to the main road again [insert big smile] to continue our journey to Plomari and our hotel in Agios Isidoros. Stay connected to find out about our stay at the Hotel Akrogiali.



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