Bangkok… a city of temples and food!

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is always exciting in Bangkok. The street food is legendary but so are the restaurants.

Breakfast was usually a buffet served at the hotel (Prime Hotel Centra Station), both hot and cold, western and Asian included. There was something for everyone and it was a delicious way to start the day.

Lunch consisted of any kind of street food that was available at the place where we were visiting, be it a temple or a museum…food was every where! Fresh fruit cut into interesting artistic shapes and served on a stick was a staple of every vendor and every street corner. Like meat (of various denominations)? There is pork, chicken, and ‘mystery’ meat available fried, grilled, and boiled for every taste…

Dinner was a restaurant affair with the group. The group had our first dinner together at a wonderful restaurant called LaamPaang and I tried their variation of PadThai….triple yumm!

The rest of the group also made wonderful choices including curry with peanut sauce and stuffed squid! No lack of seafood in Bangkok from squid to shrimp, from fish to octopus…and it was all wonderfully prepared and delicious.

Our first of three birthdays (for the trip) was celebrated on our first night as a group. There was a surprised birthday boy and a very delicious birthday cake!

Keep your eyes open for your favorite dish because it will most likely be on the menu!

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