Good night and Good bye Hanoi

It seems we all loved Hanoi with it’s massive amount of great street food, excellent restaurants, ancient culture, and so many crazy fun things to do. But alas, we must move on to other adventures… such as the overnight train to Hue.
Trains are an enviable part of the past, where one could sit, relax and watch the countryside roll by the window with a quick visage of the life that transpired along the way. This overnight train had cabins that would accommodate four people (comfortably?) and had storage under the bunks for suitcases and a door that locked.

The window was large and there were treats and drinks for us on the small dining table. The bunks sported fresh linens and pillows and a blanket were supplied. Now, don’t get me wrong, the ‘mattress’ on the bunk was not made for the Hyatt Regency and the amount of space in the bunk would not allow a second small person but it was adequate for one night (and I have slept in tighter quarters). After getting settled and having a dinner of street food that we bought and brought onto the train we settled in for a drink (or two).

This seems to have lured our entire group of 14 into our tiny cabin to join us in a drink. Everyone shared their purchased drinks and there was a bit of ‘tom-foolery’ going on as the cabin got more and more full!

We laughed at stories, jokes and generally at life itself until the party was relocated to another unsuspecting cabin for the rest of the night. It seems the overnight train is not so bad after all.


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