Roratonga Night Food Market

You all know how I love a good market, and even more so a food market with all kinds of prepared deliciousness. Well, Roratonga has one and yes we went.

Oven baked pizza anyone?

It was heaven (as far as food goes) there were many different offerings from curries to garlic shrimp (with veggies served over rice), from pizza to noodles with seafood…and so is goes.

Chicken coconut curry!

Take the bus and ask to be dropped at the Night Market and you can’t go wrong. Once there we scoped out the numerous different vendors and made a short list of what we wanted to try. I tried the garlic shrimp and my husband tried the wide noodles with various seafood including octopus and squid.

Thick Noodles with seafood

We both ate half and traded to try the other. This is easily done as the portions are huge and well worth the money (approx. $15 per dish).

Garlic shrimp
Spring rolls

Other notable mentions are the chicken and seafood curries which we did not try yet but smelled fantastic and will be on the menu when we return. Fish and chips also looked fabulous as well as the deep fried spring rolls.

Try a chocolate donut or a crepe filled with banana, Bailey’s and whipped cream (as we did) for dessert. Most vendors do ‘made -to-order’ and some do have fresh made available without the wait.


Highly recommended and delicious!

Bailey’s banana cream crepe!


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