Club Rora Sunday Bar-B-Que at Rumba

Well, we decided not to ‘go out’ for dinner and instead try the Rumba beach front restaurant for the Sunday bar-b-que and it was not a mistake.

We went early to get a sea side table and to get a glimpse of what was being offered.

The salad buffet looked awesome and the sauces looked just as good. I could almost taste the sweet chili, and the earthiness of the creamy mushroom, as well as the passion fruit and honey (with a dash of mustard to keep it honest), and the deal breaker was the tandoori yogurt sauce (which was truly outstanding). The grill was all fired up and ready to go. The grilled offerings were chicken, mahi-mahi (with light lemon seasoning), and steak.

Salad bar…yumm

I decided on the chicken and my husband the mahi-mahi and we did not go wrong at all. The Sous chef, Lisa, grilled everything to perfection – juicy not dry, and seasoned just right! Vikesh (operations manager) was assisting with the service and lavished praise on Lisa for the wonderful sauces.


With a plate of salads and delicious sauces and perfectly grilled chicken and mahi mahi we were more than happy to sit at the sea and enjoy these delights with a cold glass of wine and a beer!

This was the best meal we have had so far and it was outstanding!
Highly recommended for friendly service and absolutely wonderful food!

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