Return to Club Raro Resort

Well, the ‘best value for money’ on Rarotonga is Club Raro Resort!
How do I know, you ask? Easy peasy… when we decided that we wanted to return to Rarotonga for a second week we looked ‘high and low’ for a hotel or accommodation that met our criteria – Air conditioning, breakfast, beachfront and did not ‘break the bank’ so to speak. There were some (not many) that did check some of our boxes but not one…not one…other than Club Raro Resort that met all of them! I was shocked…
So, I checked out Club Raro website:
And found a wonderful thing… Returnees! What?…they give special prices to returning clients!

Yup… here it is:

So, if you book directly with us on you will receive some even better special offers.
If you Book Direct with us our returnees will receive:
30% discount on our room price,
A free upgrade to the next room category (dependent on availability),
A $50.00 Resort Credit, per stay.
We of course want to make all our guests feel special but for our returnees we want you to feel like family; because to us you are.

Just can’t beat that…so once you have been to Club Raro… you will absolutely want to go back again… and again.
I wrote and arranged our room for another week in paradise!


1 thought on “Return to Club Raro Resort”

  1. Hey Marilyn,

    Thanks so much for the article on our Aitutaki Community Cat Project! I’ve only just now located your card & am very happy I did! Well, we’re going again, in November 2019 to do another veterinary mission, fulfilling our promise to go twice a year until 75% of the population is desexed. Not as many people, but all very skilled! If anyone would like to contact “ACCP”, here is the email: We reply to all contacts.
    Donations can be made by Facebook Fundraiser:


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