Ancient Site of Media

This is an amazing site to walk. Great trails up to the acropolis. The views are amazing and you can see all the way to the Sea…easy to understand the importance of the site in ancient times.

The plains below are magnificent and full of crops of all kinds and water is readily available.

The caretaker who met us at the gate was wonderful and explained a number of routes up the mountain for us. Being from the nearby Mykinis (Mycenae) he knew the area well and maybe played on these hills as a child!

The very top (acropolis) of the hill had a well worn ‘paved’ area where it is suspected that a palace of a sort was situated.

The walls of the city are still in good repair and can easily be determined. The east wall looks out over the plain and has some extraordinary views!

For a short ride and a decent walk/hike this site is well worth seeing.
No entry charge makes this an even better value!

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