Our Guide, Abul

A gentle soul who leaves all impressed by his serenity and calmness! He raised, by hand, many of the Orangutans we met on our tour and calls them all by name. He calls them and they come to him! He gives them space to be themselves but allows the visitors to see them in their natural state.

Many Orangutans were orphaned due to their parents dying through the destruction of habitat. Orangutans inhabit only 2 places on earth Borneo and Sumatra. Borneo has set aside a large section of natural forest as a sanctuary park (National Forest) for the explicit purpose of protecting the Orangutans and their habitat for future generations of orangutans and humans!

During the time Abul worked as a Ranger, baby orangutans were hand raised by the park Rangers and lived with the Rangers until they were old enough and strong enough to live in the forest wilderness. The rangers taught these babies how to climb trees, how to find food, how to check for predators on the ground… They were the baby orangutan’s parent for up to 7 years!

This is Abul, who was a parent to these many babies over many years. His affinity to the orangutans is evidenced in everything he does. When he calls them, they come, and they follow him. He took many videos of mothers and babies walking along the paths, climbing the trees, or feeding (while keeping a respectful distance). Abul called a large male by name (Dayok) when Dayok walked out of the forest and stood right next to me. A thrill I will never forget.  He loves these animals as he loves his own children!

Abul’s English is good and he has a wonderful sense of humor. Ask him about meeting the president! He is humble and straight forward. He brought us to his community center (long house) and showed us around. The original people of Borneo are animist who believe in the old teachings and the spirits of people and animals having influence in their daily lives. Check it out here: https://theculturetrip.com/asia/malaysia/articles/a-guide-to-sabahs-ancient-paganism-and-animism/

When you go to Borneo for the Orangutan visit with Siti https://www.tanjung-puting.com/ be sure to ask for Abul as your guide for the best orangutan experience!

Very highly recommended!



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