Upcoming adventures

Last year’s (2016) travels to England (Crufts Dog Show), Ireland (Ancestral Cork), and Portugal as well as Belize, Malaysia (F1 Racing), Australia, and the Solomon Islands (off-the-grid home stay) were incredible and I am still getting requests for articles and photographs. Check out the pics under each country name (as soon as they are published).

This year will be a little different on the travel front as I will be doing more travel in Canada while taking in the wondrous beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador (June & July), a road trip from BC to Manitoba (July), and hosting our own travelers right here in beautiful British Columbia for our annual “Big Family Bar-B-Que” (August). I will also be travelling to a number of American destinations this year including, Mexico City (Teotihuacan – the Ancient Temple of the Moon and the Sun), Huatulco for sun, sand and diving – Mexico (March), and Indianapolis – U.S.A. to visit our new great-grand-baby (April). Last, but not least, in international travel we will be driving the back roads and ferrying our way around Greece Again! (September & October).

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