Mexico City

Beautiful! Arrived in Mexico City just after midnight and found it an easy airport to navigate. The ‘authorized’ taxis are just outside the exit of the arrivals area and even at that late hour many taxis were available. There is a special ‘system’ of control for taxis where the passenger has to buy a ‘ticket’ to stand in line for the next available taxi! The ticket cost $15 pesos so not a big deal… but is tricky unless you know what to do. The airport staff as well as the taxi controllers are very helpful.

Our driver, Victor, has been driving since 1972 and knows the city well. He was friendly and spoke English well. He pointed out the landmarks and told us to try tacos from a small place near our hotel.The taxi is about 30 minutes to our hotel and cost about $20. Cdn.

We arrived at the Wyndham Garden – Polanco and were greeted by a lovely young lady, Karen Dela Rosa. Karen was friendly and efficient in getting us to our room as quickly as possible. As breakfast was included in our room we were given ‘tickets’ for breakfast for the next three mornings. The hotel is nice and close to the Museum and Botanical Gardens where we will spend our fist day.

We decided to have breakfast at the SkyGardens restaurant on the top floor of the hotel and were not disappointed …especially with the view! Wow, just, wow! You can see all the way across the city overlooking the National Botanical Gardens at our door.

Our server Brendon was super fast getting our coffee and breakfast served. He was polite and friendly. The breakfast consisted of a large dish of fresh fruit, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, toast and coffee. Which was all served with a radiant smile by Brendon.

It seems most of the hotel staff speak English very well. We fussed over our trip journal, trying to capture pictures of the fantastic view, and getting a few ‘stock’ pictures for the blog.

Now we plan our route for our first day – The National Anthropological Museum, the Botanical Gardens and the Castillo de Chapultepec.


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