Arrived! Glorious Greece!

After a long travel time of 2 days we have arrived in our favorite spot…Glorious Greece! I will be writing an article about some of the best seaside hotels and spas in Greece and of course about the local food offerings as well!

We arrived late last night to be greeted by our host and quickly ensconced in our room. The rooms are not big but very clean and well appointed with a fridge and small kitchenette. A lovely little balcony overlooks the Aegean Sea with  table and chairs. A nice glass of wine and we were off to bed for a wonderful, well-earned sleep. This morning we woke to the beautiful Aegean at Noni Rooms. A quaint seaside hotel at Agia Triada  near Thessoloniki.

First view of Thessaloniki from our plane

A calm and relaxing walk took us along the beach to a seaside restaurant where we enjoyed a great cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. The sandwich was so tasty that I will try to make it at home later. A further walk after breakfast and back to the hotel to sit on the balcony and plan our day.

More updates tonight!

Our shadows


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