“GPS Signal Lost”

The friendly female voice that tells you where to turn next was not working to optimal performance today! Unfortunately she ‘lost’ the signal about 400 times during our adventures around the Halkadiki peninsula today. My husband says my magnetic personality was the cause…but I don’t agree. “Recalculating route” is now my least favorite phrase.
We did have some fun and adventures this morning travelling an ‘unknown road’ that literally ended in a mountain pass at a farmer’s field! But, beautiful was the word for the view. A turn around and a few round-in-circles in a small town made the villagers smile and us laugh a bit too.
On this trip to Greece we are finishing visiting the places recounted in the ‘Labours of Heracles’ that we started a few years ago and took a drive and trip around the lake Vistonida where Heracles captured the ‘flesh-eating mares’ demanded of him by King Eurystheus as one of his labours.

Read all about this labour here: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Herakles/horses.html

and the 12 labours here: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/Herakles/labors.html

Tonight we are staying at the Yannis Hotel and Resort  http://www.yannis.gr/hotel-yannis/?lang=en  located close by to the Krinides Mud baths. A large bright room welcomed us with local styled furniture and a nice balcony. We will also eat at the Hotel Restaurant tonight so stay connected and follow along to find out what they have cooking for us!


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