Cavo Christo Seaside Hotel

Voted the best hotel in Petra in 2015! The owner (Electra) was very accomodating with getting us into our room as we arrived early. Supplied with coffee and treats we sat on the lovely patio while waiting we enjoyed the lovely sea view.

Cavo Christo Beach bar

Our room is located at the back of the property in the second building directly off the swimming pool. It is moderate size with a wardrobe and night tables as well as a chair and desk. The furnishings are adequate. The bath is small but adequate as well.

The pool is lovely for a midnight dip as the lights stay on all night. There are tables and chairs and loungers at the pool for relaxation.
The beach just across the road from the hotel has a very nice covered patio with a bar for food and drinks with sun chairs and loungers ready for the weary traveler. The beach is sandy with larger pebbles under the water line; Beautiful for an early morning or even an evening dip.

Cavo Christo beach bar and grill

The next morning breakfast was awesome! A served breakfast of boiled eggs, fresh baked bread, a plate of cold meat, cheeses, ommelette and bacon was a lot of food and so delicious. Coffee and tea as well as juice was also served.

Electra is a happy and personable lady who seems to love her job, and even more so, love the people she encounters each day!




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