Drive the roads not the goat paths

Well, did I mention that Greece is famous for goat paths that the GPS lady thinks are roads!
I’m pretty sure I did. As it goes, we decided to take the ‘road’ along the sea to drive to our hotel… [insert wild laughter here]. The views out over the sea were amazing and the hairpin turns down to the sea were more than a little exciting!

Seaside road – Lesvos

The ‘road’ turned to gravel…some of which was as smooth as a baby’s bottom….the rest…hummm not so much! We, with the unfailing assistance of the GPS lady managed to find a few more ‘goat paths’ which she deemed, in her ultimate wisdom, as roads. [Insert strong discussions regarding the definition of the word – roads] Ultimately we decided that the GPS lady could not be trusted to differentiate between goats and cars!

Goat [road] Path

For 1 hour and 43 minutes [read seemed like 10 hours] we very slowly meandered [think Greek key] our way along the coastline. It was beautiful and impressive with large rocks and small stunted bushes giving an indication of the severity of the storms that bashed the coastline. The idea of which made us a little nervous and a little excited at the same time. We decided we did not want a flat tire, in the middle of no where, with no means of calling for help in any storm that might come up. We spoke of Ulysses often and his gaining ‘safe harbor’ in a cove on Lesvos when he heard the ‘sirens song’…hummm!

The Sirens Song

After a number of wrong turns leading to goat paths and incredible turn-arounds we made it back to the bliss of pavement! I say incredible turn- arounds because my husband, who raced Cart in his earlier days, is an amazing driver who comes to Greece to drive these winding back roads with hairpin turns [downhill pins are his favorite] to test his skills [and my nerve]. While driving on this ‘road’ even he was a little concerned for our well being.
Happy and more than a little relieved we made our way to our hotel.


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