From Drama to Hades

Well…. Drama is really quite dramatic! It is the busiest little city that we have encountered in Greece… so far. We wanted to go to Drama to see the birthplace of our modern film industry from the ancient perspective. Incredible! So many people in cafes, restaurants, and on the streets. It was a hustle and bustle just driving through the town. We almost got stuck in a traffic circle that was not a circle!?

As we drove around trying to see if there would be a place to park and have a coffee we noticed so many crowds every where. I decided to take a picture of the crowd of people, raised my camera out the top of the car and snapped the picture. Seconds later the casket came into view! I had taken an accidental picture of a funeral. I am not sure if that is a mortal sin or not but I wasn’t taking any chances and decided to erase the picture immediately. No Hades for me!


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