The Sunset Restaurant – Plomari

When contemplating dinner on our second night in Agios Isadores [Plomari] we hesitated to go anywhere else but the Akrogiali Hotel and the wonderful home cooked food. But, being dedicated to doing the restaurant reviews I promised, I decided to ‘fall on my’ butter knife and seek sustenance elsewhere. We decided that a restaurant just up the hill from our hotel, where the views would be fantastic, and we were hoping that the food would be as well, would be our choice – the Sunset Restaurant.

It did not start well. The menu was limited due to the off season and I have a sensitivity to tomato and lamb. I know, I know, Greece seems like a unlikely place for a food writer to love with my sensitivities! But, there you have it. I do love Greece and all the different Greek foods. I can eat a determined portion of tomato and also small quantities of lamb, but more than that and I have digestive upset that no one wants to read about. So, needless to say I was becoming disappointed as I questioned each item on the wonderfully diverse menu to find it had either lamb or cooked tomato…

Then I asked Chef Dimetris if I could have a specific prawn dish …with a rather sad face he confirmed that it also had a tomato base. Quickly, as I saw the wheels turning in his head, he began to envision alternate sauces that would complement the dish and still make it great for me. I was enthralled! He suggested a wine based sauce with garlic. Yes, that would be wonderful! But, while making it he asked if I would like Ouzo instead of the wine…yes, indeed! No ginger, no spices, just the subtle flavor of the prawns with the ouzo flambe! WOW! The first taste just exploded in my mouth with the soft taste of the anise from the ouzo and the beautiful taste of the sea fresh prawns. The veggies were soft and round and luxurious on the palate. He had created, ‘on-the-fly’, the perfect prawn dish for my palate!

My husband raved about his fresh ‘catch-of-the-day’ of tuna steak but I had eyes only for the prawns.
Chef suggested a lovely house wine (local of course) and we finished our meal with a excellent little dessert of a cream topped crumb base tart and sweet off-the-vine grapes.
With such dedication to his customers the Sunset Restaraunt comes highly recommended for providing the ultimate service… the crafting of a meal that befits the client’s palate. Chef Demitris is a true professional with a great knowledge of how food can be put together to create extraordinary dishes!
My compliments to the chef!

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