Mytilana Village Hotel and Resort

The Mytilana Village Hotel and Resort is a lovely property that is well cared for and right on the sequestered seashore, with kayaks and a dock, this hotel is close to Mytileni but just outside the city. Quiet and peaceful surroundings with numerous patios, a seaside cafe and a restaurant makes this a great place to sit and just enjoy the solitude. The pool beckons as you stroll past with clear blue water and sun beds for relaxation.


Dinner at the restrauant was buffet style and had a number of delicious dishes, a pork and tomato stew, beef meatballs in tomato sauce, and sausage and beans, 3 different salads and pickeled vegetables, including 2 desserts. All was very tasty and went down well with a carafe of local wine.

The front desk staff was very helpful and friendly as was the restrauant staff. Even though breakfast would start at 7:30 and we needed to eat by 7:00 the front desk requested breakfast to sart for us at 7:00. We expected toast and coffee at such an early hour, but, the full buffet breakfast was not only ready for us but was also delicious. Elena (Helen) made a special effort to have everything ready for us early to get us on our way. A lovely person who really enjoys here work, Elena regailed us with stories of her past as well as how she ended up in Lesvos, Greece. It is truly important for people in the service industry to have such wonderful, delightful people as Elena. Clients always appreciate friendly, helpful service!
It is too bad we could only stay one night and had to leave early for our ferry to Athens.

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