A Special Place- Mytikas

The Dionisos Hotel has been a favorite of ours since 2012 when we spent a few days here and again later in 2015. Now we are back to another place that ‘feels-like-home’. Our hosts son has taken over the day-to-day operations but still remembers us from previous trips. Welcomed again with joy and open arms we are so glad to be here.

The Dionisos Hotel is small family run place on the sea shore in a small lovely town called Mytikas. This is one of the nicest and well kept family hotels in Greece. It is superb quality, close to the sea, and the served breakfast is wonderful and delicious.

A quick walk into town will bring you to a number of restaurants close by. Being creatures of habit we always go to a specific one…but that is another story!
There are some great Roman ruins around and you would have to check them out on a day trip.


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