The Taverna To Pelagos

Beautiful views and wonderful food. The owner was exceptionally attentive and served us the most delicious dinner.

My husband tried the moussaka and said it rated a 8.5 on the Don scale! Wow! I don’t think any other Moussaka has ever reached that level. He said it was creamy and tasty at the same time.

I had the calamari [of course], it was served with french fries… but that was ok too! I loved the fresh baked bread toasted to a golden crispness, the Greek salad that I thought would never end, with vine ripened tomatoes, cool cucumbers, and lots of red onion, coated with a thick layer of olive oil and a sprinkling of vinegar [just the way I like it], with those beautiful olives thrown in on top!

The wine was local and sweet with a little bit of citris and a smooth finish!
Oh how we did not want to leave. I had to take some of my calamari home with me because it was just too much to eat. But, we were good with having a snack later!
We will return to visit this wonderful little restrauant again, and again, and again!
Highly recommended for the great service and even better food!

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