Paresos Hotel and Nea Anchialaos

One of our favorite spots on mainland Greece we happened upon quite by chance a few years ago and come back every time we are in Greece – Nea Anchialios. Just 20 km from Volos it is tucked into a quiet little bay on the Pageaetic Gulf. We have stayed at the Paresos Hotel for he last couple of visits. A nice family run hotel, right across the street from the beautiful pebble beach, where the owner recognized us from a previous visit!

The served breakfast was fantastic as usual!

The other reason to come here is we love the food [read metzes] at the Galaxy Restaurant and the tsiparou. We come here for the beach, the warm water and the Galaxy!

This time the metzes consisted of lightly flour coated and fried shrimp, a whole huge plateful of small baked sardines, wonderful smoked herring, octopus in charred spinach and veggies, crab meat in a mayonnaise dill dressing, and 2 of the most wonderful grilled peppers! We wanted more but were too full to eat more!

Check it out:
Highly recommended!

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