Cotton and Corn

As we drive through the central interior of Greece we are stunned by the flat plains of lush green farmland from Veleistino to around Karditsa. The scenes of farmers, lovely little villages, and green and golden fields acknowledges the richness of the land and the spirit of the people who work it.
The fields are blooming with cotton and along side are fields of golden corn! Cotton is a major crop here in the central part of Greece and the number of corn fields shows that corn cropping does not lag far behind.

We drove a side road in order not to have to take the highway (as usual) and ended up driving behind a bicycle ‘race’ with more than 400 participants; children, women, and men of all ages riding for a cause as depicted on their t-shirts. We followed at a snail’s pace for almost an hour along this long straight and flat road (great for bicycle riding). The cars in front of us were getting a bit better view of the riders but we did get some pictures as the riders came to the turn around point and headed back in the other direction.

Well done riders! We hope that the cause you were riding for had a successful conclusion.

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