The Nemean Lion and the Stymphalian Birds

Following the path of Heracles on his labors we crossed through, as he did, Nemea where he captured the lion and wore the lion cloak forever after.

Read all about the first labour here:

Nemea is also the place where ancient wineries flourished according to Homer. The winery we visited is bringing ancient methods back into practice….but more about that in the next post. We also found this great little winery had a interesting tour! Also, bought a couple of bottles of extraordinary wine.
So, stay turned.
The next on our list of labors was the ‘The Stymphalian Birds’ .

We drove past the lake in the mountains…which was no easy task considering the rate of land slides occurring in these parts. Some of the switchbacks made our skin crawl and eyes water…but we made it with absolutely no help from the GPS lady who would have us killed at least a dozen times on the winding, sheer drop off edges.

Loved every minute of it!

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