Valley of the Greek gods…I mean salad!

We had a bit of a wild ride today up and around the mountain peaks and then deep into the lush green valleys. The roads were really roads…not goat paths, but just as much fun and surely a thrill…without the goats!

These valleys are so rich and lush they grow just about every kind of produce. We drove for about 2 kms through one of these valleys and named it the ‘Valley of the Greek Salad’ as we saw tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, peppers and goats…the perfect greek salad.
Another valley grew squash and beans… more than I have ever seen in my entire life! Then we hit the wine country…wow! Field upon field of grape trellises all in neat rows and heavy with fruit. So much so that the vines bent toward the ground and cried to be picked!

Every turn took us to another lush green valley…up the mountain…down to the valley. The roads were just wonderful and so is the salad!

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