Diolkos Studios Hotel -Loutraki

Named after the ancient site of Diolkos our hosts have owned this hotel since we stayed here in 2015 with our kids and grand-kids. They have made some major improvements and upgrades to an already great hotel. Sitting on a lovely spot on the sea with most rooms having a sea view and some facing the sea it is relaxing and enjoyable. We all loved it in 2015 and now we love it even more.

Maria and Meliton run a tight ship, so to say. and the hotel is clean, spacious, and modern. The grounds have been recently updated with a parking cover, garden beds, and a lovely parking lot with a laid stone path to the hotel reception. Grass was being laid in the front sun area when we were there.

The breakfast buffet was a good as always with hot and cold selections and great coffee!
We found the water here to be warm and the pebble sea shore was an easy entry and exit with showers along the beach front to get the salt off when your swim is finished. Lots of sun chairs and some sun bathers even though the wind was up. This is the end of the tourist season and there are not many tourists around now, which is the way we like it. The sun is still warm and the water is still great for swimming. If you are a wind surfer this is the place for you! When the wind is up you can sail for hours!

Overall a great time with great people and great food!
Highly recommended for the warm water and even warmer people!

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