On the road to and from Loutraki

The drive to Loutraki was awesome. The high mountains, winding roads, goats and general driving experience suited us.
From the valley of the ‘greek salad’ to the high mountains we drove past ancient Olympia, Pyrgos and Corinth.
Kourouta to Loutraki
As we arrived in Loutraki we drove along the seashore to our hotel. The waves were high and the wind was fierce. Great para-sailing and wind surfing here! The gods seemed angry but not really…it was more like a ‘see what I can do’ rather than a ‘your will pay’ type of tempest. Still all-in-all beautiful.

Two wonderful days in the area gave us a chance to visit a few ancient sites and do a circle route around the area to Thiva and back.

The road back toward Athens was very busy with the largest number of semi trucks we have ever seen on Greek roads [shows the proximity to Athens] as we generally stick to back country and smaller national roads. The traffic was at times heavy. At one point we were passing a semi going up hill, there was another car and a semi coming towards us downhill… well the car just stopped in front of the semi-truck, and we were in the passing lane where the semi had to swerve to miss hitting the car that stopped in the other lane in front of him! Wow! there was a lot of horn blowing and general upheaval but the semi we were passing pulled over a little, we pulled over a little and the downhill semi had enough room without squishing us in the middle. Everyone made room for everyone else and disaster was avoided, again!

Circle Route
We got off that road as soon as we could and toof the old national road along the sea back to Loutraki!
We did pass the sinking bridge at the site of ancient Corinth that Meliton told us about.

Time to try to catch up on postings! Stay connected and find out where we are off to next!


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