The Akrogiali Beach Apartments

Yes, I know this is the second of that name on this trip but what better way to spend time than ‘at the end of the beach’ as the name means! This is the small village of Akrogiali!

We arrived mid-afternoon to be greeted by our hostess, given our keys, and instructions. We were weary and wanted to get into the water across the road as quickly as possible. A quick change and we scoped out the two or three beaches that are between breakwaters [very large boulders set perpindicular to the shore to ‘break’ the crashing of the waves and save the shoreline from erosion] and found that the water was not only very warm but perfect for swimming as it is a pebble beach with and easy entry and exit while swimming along the breakwater. Great depth and crystal clear…we could easily see to the bottom!
We went for a quick swim and the water is so clear that I saw a fish about 18″ long swiming along with me, I told my husband and he yelled…”grab it…we have a stove”…I nearly drowned I laughed so hard!
The comfortable 1 bedroom apartment has a full kitchen and a lovely view out to the sea just meters away. We love to sit on the balcony, sip wine, and stare at the beauty of the sea. This is the perfect place to do that. The apartment is clean, nicely decorated and well kept.

A great place to relax and enjoy the water, the warmth and the freedom of your own place.

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