Ancient Messene

Wow! One of the best sites we have ever visited in Greece! The site is massive with a number of active archaeological digs happening when we were visiting. We walked for quite a while so be sure to bring hats, water and wear good shoes as the ground [as is the case with most ancient sites] is uneven and rocky.

Get the site map and choose your path so that you get the most of what you want to see planned before you get tired walking.

One of the archaeologists who was digging on a spot stopped working and gave us a wonderful lesson about the site and specifically what he was doing. We really appreciated their openness and taking the time to explain all of the details to us.


There is quite a bit of restoration happening and it is looking very good. The picture shows two workers restoring parts of the mosaic floor.
The museum was small but is included in the price of the ticket for both the site and museum. We are guessing that the major finds are housed at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

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