The Sunset Beach Hotel

Another ‘feels-like-home’ family run hotel, the Sunset Beach Hotel, has been a favorite of ours since we stumbled upon it in 2012. It is one of the best run, most well kept, and beautiful hotels in Greece and just a short drive from Athens.

The winding street coming into the small town of Xiropigado gives a fore shadowing of the calm and beauty that awaits at the Sunset Beach Hotel at the end corner of the street. The blue waters are clear and calm and you immediately feel like stripping down for a swim. The beach is a large pebble beach where it is an easy entry and exit. Beach chairs and loungers are provided by the hotel with shade palapas. It is close to heaven!
But, even closer to heaven is the food lovingly cooked by our hostess Asimina. Fresh fish caught that day, fresh veggies, creamy feta cheese that melts in your mouth, and fresh local chicken grilled to perfection. We asked for my husband’s favorite that he has been longing for for 2 years now… feta stuffed eggplant!

And …oh my goodness…their absolutely incredible moussaka for me. No problem she says, we will have it tomorrow for dinner. Can I say how much we love this woman?
A nice glass of our Ktima Bariskissa wine to finish the evening on the deck and off to bed for a great night’s sleep with the sound of the sea lapping at the shore.
Then there is breakfast! A lovely cold buffet and a hot steaming omelette, wonderful preserves with yogurt so thick it will not release itself from the serving spoon, to die for fruit, and coffee with waves!

Two wonderful days and nights at this little piece of heaven.
The next night we eagerly awaited dinner. The eggplant to start and of course a carafe of house wine. Then the moussaka that Asimina says her husband Yannis made…ohhh perfection never tasted better! A bottom layer of potato, then eggplant, then zucchini and red pepper, then eggplant and then ground meat…then rich creamy bechamel sauce made golden brown. Seasoned to perfection all the way through this is the ultimate moussaka!

I will even try it at home! Stay connected for the recipe when I have it made and family taste-tested!
Oh the sadness in leaving this beautiful spot and saying farewell to our friends! We took a moussaka to-go for lunch!!

Visit the Hotel website here:
Or like them on FaceBook:

Highest recommendation for the exceptional service, fantastic food, and beautifully run hotel!


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