The Magnificent Mani

A number of years ago I wrote about the Mani Peninsula and how every Mani’s home is …well…his castle! And nothing has changed and it is still so and even more so.


There is quite a bit of construction going on here on the Mani and I can understand why. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world!

The Mani peninsula is literally magnificent! The raw, natural, ruggedness of the rocky landscape combined with the beautiful water vistas around every turn and each switchback to the sea. The roads are challenging both for elevation and the number of hairpin turns, as well as the ‘no guard-rail’ sheer drop-off cliffs that make you a little queasy looking over the side. My husband even remarked that he was glad that my side of the car was on the outside cliff side! Some times narrowing down to a single lane [or less] the road in one place was even too steep for my husband’s nerve. So, we turned around at a switchback and returned from where we came back uphill. Exhilarating and daring…Mani!

The GPS lady was so enthusiastic about getting us killed, and we became weary of her ‘continue straight’ instructions, that we turned her off. She did not speak to us for two days!

Also, one of the most impressive aspects of the Mani Peninsula is the simple beauty of the stone houses [which are some of my favorite] built like fortresses with a castle roof line they are impressive in their stability and mirror the character of the people who built them.

Almost every travel writer has written about the raw beauty of the Mani. Everyone should experience this beautiful part of Greece for themselves!
Read about it here:

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