Ferry from Agia Roumeli to Chora Sfaklion

A beautiful day for a ferry cruise! Our crew from the day before returned to fetch us from our little village at the end of the Samaria gorge. We were sad to leave but …on to the next adventure.
We stopped in a lovely little place called Loutro where the tourists were far more prevalent than locals in some other places. But, it seems Crete is a popular destination in Greece and the south coast along the Libyan Sea is even more popular. Loutro is just a stop to drop off and pick up passengers, luggage, and supplies…as well as a garbage truck!

Cliffs and caves, beaches and brush, the hills are sparse and wind ravaged but oh so very beautiful in their rocky charm!

The cliffs along the sea shore are a goats’ paradise [yes we did see goats] with shear drops and cliff faces that look like they will slide into the sea at any moment. We also saw a hiking path along the water’s edge, meandering up and down according to the cliff face, scuttling along beaches, and winding around rock outcrops to arrive at small churches, and even smaller villages along the weather worn coast. A great hike if that is the type of thing you are into, with what I would imagine breathtaking views out to sea!

The journery was not long but beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of our mini-cruise.
Once off the ship we were off to our next destination, Plakias.


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