Kalypso Cretan Village Resort and Spa

One of our favorite places, and one we return to every time we come to Greece, is the small town of Plakias. It has become a bit more crowded over the past few years and prices are also continuing to rise. Unfortunately, we decided not to stay right in the town this visit. So, we chose a resort just outside town instead.

The resort is a short drive from Plakias. A large, some what imposing property, with a labyrinth of paths, roads and winding alleys. It seems the intention was to provide some thing for everyone. There are numerous sitting areas, lounge areas, and bars and restaurants. Also, there are three pools with sun beds and an area that is called ‘the beach’ where there are more sun beds [but we are unsure if they belong to the Hotel or not] which is located between two massive rock formations on an inlet from the sea. It is impressive and beautiful to look at but award to swim as there are steps or stairs to go into the water. We walked the entire property [all nooks and crannies] and could not find a beach [even though it shows a beach area on Google maps].

The dive centre sells only charter or accompanied tours for diving or snorlking and does not rent mask, snorlkle, finns out separately. You can but these items at the Mini-market and just go out exploring yourself in the area where therock formations create an inlet. But, also check currents and tides before venturing out, and always with a buddy!
We have half board with our room which includes breakfast and either lunch or dinner. So, we opted for dinner tonight as we arrived a little too late for lunch. The front desk was welcoming and very informative, brought us to our [upgraded sea view] room and wished us a happy time here at the resort.

The room is large but not my [travelspirit] style. The room as well as the complex could use a little updating and modernization. If you like big resorts with a spa, and multiples of things to do this might interest you.
We will see what dinner holds for us tonight.
Well, this is one of the most well-endowed buffet dinner selections we have encountered. It is massive! I, as usual, tried small bits of just about everything. Some items were wonderful such as the dolmathes [with dill sprigs and Tzitziki] and others [not so much]. Over all I did enjoy the tastes and treats of the buffet even though it is not the style of dining [travelspirit] prefers!
Here are some of the highlights:

Rain and blustery weather prevented the usual [and almost obligatory at this point] glass of wine on the balcony overlooking the sea…so we opened the door sat at the table inside and let the cool breezes waft over us and our glass of wine from our favorite winery.

A good night’s sleep was in order and waking up to the thought of a breakfast buffet was also good. But, this buffet is so enormous that we didn’t know where to start. Ok…we started with coffee…ok pretty good coffee!
There were hot items, cold items, fruit, yogurt, breads, veggies[ traditional Greek breakfast], and three different varieties of eggs, ham bacon… the list just goes on. So, if you love big breakfasts and lots of variety then this buffet is for you!
This is what a great breakfast buffet looks like:

Well, we almost had to roll back to the room…but rolling uphill is a little difficult so …
Finish a couple of posts [like the one I am writing now] and see if there is time to grab the computer and go to the lobby or the sitting areas to get a connection and post some few days of travel. This hotel does not offer internet in the rooms only in the common areas. So, for peace and quiet and disconnectedness you will not be bothered by the ‘ping’ of your phone in your room.


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