Through the City of Athens…to Nea Anchialos

Back on the mainland of Greece

We arrived in Athens at rush hour…the ferry was unloading and we could not see space on the streets at all… We wondered what to do and decided that we would make a run for it! We wove through construction at the exit to the ferry terminal and then crushing traffic…no food for us! Yup take the first road that would lead us out of the city (which was no easy feat as we were stuck in traffic) with too many one way streets and the Google lady not being much help! But, we made it and in decent time too! Ended up zigging and zagging and onto the highway!

Leaving Heraklion aboard the Ferry to Athens
Across from Athens ferry terminal Port of Piraeus

And on to Nea Anchialos;  a small town we found by accident a few years back snuggled into a quiet cove just south of Thessaloniki . We love this place because it is so quiet, laid back and generally friendly. But, more than anything we love it for the Galaxy restaurant… and tsipouro and small dishes of mezedes which are served as complementary food to drinks. Order a drink of tsipouro and receive a dish of fresh fish, calamari, or squid. 1 drink, 1 dish! Simple…and delicious! Tsipouro is the local drink of the Thessaly region. Usually home made and potent, with a little flavoring of aniseed, or plain. Drink it over ice or chilled. I like it just chilled, no water, or ice for me!


The owners of the Galaxy know us by name and we never fail to end up sitting at a table by the sea eating their wonderful  food and listening to the whine of the locals as they play an instrument or two and sing a tale or two too!

Galaxy Restaurant, Nea Anchialos , Greece

We usually stay at the Hotel Pyrassos. This is a small, family owned hotel with clean rooms, fresh linens and a wonderful breakfast to enjoy before your swim. We always try to stay the morning in order to get a swim at the wonderful beach where the water is warm and usually calm! This is a great picture from the Hotel website to show you were to go! Here is the link:

But, alas all good things must be remembered (in photos) and we have to return to reality once more. Make the time and take the chance and stop by this beautiful town and eat, drink and be like family!©

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