Tsoutsouros – Zorba’s & Triton Hotel

As you are by now well aware, we come back to Greece every few years, so, we have ‘favorite’ places and we also have places that we say “feels-like-home”… well Tsoutsouros is one of those places and Zorba’s restaurant is our feels-like-home place to eat when we stay at the Triton Hotel.

Tsoutsouros is a small, peaceful, and lovely little town on the southern shore of Crete sitting in a favorable position on the Libyan Sea for warm water and warm breezes. As we always visit Greece in the fall months it is never busy and is always quiet and laid back. This year has been some what of an anomaly as there are many more tourists here than in recent years. Maybe a sign that the Greece economy is picking up or maybe a logical extension of the tourist season into some of the most beautiful months of the year, September and October. This is not to say that the beaches are ‘full’ or that the hotels and restaurants can’t keep up …but it does mean there are people around and that the hotels and restaurants are staying open a little longer into the season. Some places never actually close; which is great for us!

The Triton Hotel is a well maintained family run hotel right on the sea shore. The rooms are clean and modern and well kept. It usually offers breakfast or you can choose to go to a local restaurant such as Zorba’s. We always stay here because it is close to the water and has beautiful sea views. The owners are wonderful people who always make us feel welcome. I found a hand written note yesterday when we arrived saying, ‘Welcome, call me!” and a big hug when Marina arrived to get us settled.

Dinner at Zorba’s was a foregone conclusion. As we walked into the restaurant Costas rose from his seat and came to greet us. Hugs all around again and of course he remembers us, and our children, and grand-daughter from a few years ago! Just the mention of this town and his name had all our children ooohing and aweing and sending greetings to Costas and his wonderful wife Maria!

The food, as usual, was awesome! Costas sits at the table with you to help you decide what to have and again he was right! He has a deep personal understanding of life and food and shares it with others…Moussaka, dolmathes, Greek salad, fresh bread, and wine and to finish some fresh fruit that was so sweet it became the ‘chaser’ for the Raki that the house always provides after a meal. Maria did not disappoint in her wondrous culinary skills!

Breakfast this morning and then a quick swim! Ahhh, the water, refreshing and soothing at the same time makes us want to stay!

Again, Costas sat and discussed the best options for breakfast. Again, we loved every bite!
Life is good… and we have friends and ‘family’ along these coastlines that prove it every time we are here!

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