Heraklion and George’s place…

Yes, the timing was good to visit George! We meandered our way through the countryside of Crete enjoying the antics of the goats on the hills and reveling in the fact that just a few hours away was one of our favorite places in Greece and Crete. The Akti Corali is located right on the beach in Amoudara just near Heraklion. Here is the link: http://www.akticorali.gr/facilities-services.html

George was waiting, as usual, and we were swept into our own little bit of joy as we met our (now) dear friend and got settled into our room. We decided to stay an extra day and make our trip a little more leisurely with the sea calling to us! We saved the ferry ride for another day.

Breakfast is always a real meal here at George’s… with just about everything you could ask for and possibly a little more. The service is wonderful and the staff is extraordinary! Smiling faces is what everyone wants to see when they are on holiday…and they are numerous here.

Sit or laze by the pool, get a cold drink, and soak up the sun. We always see people who have also been here before and we realize that this is like a little mecca for people from all over the globe to meet up again. We have also told many friends and family about this calm, sea, and oasis in the middle of everything. Come, enjoy!

Highly recommended!

Photo credit: Akti Corali website

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