Wat, another wat, and another… Bangkok Temples

Today was an incredible day…we visited the many temples (wats) in Bangkok!  Check it out here: http://www.bangkok.com/magazine/10-temples.htm

We took a motorcycle taxi  (http://www.bangkok.com/information-travel-around/motorbikes.htm) to the dock to catch the river ferry to the #9 dock to check out the National Museum. It was an interesting ride and had a wonderful surprise… we got to a dock but no ferry. We did get the sales pitch for an hour long private ‘cruise’ to one of the major temples in a ‘long’ boat  for 2500 bat (about $100.00). We politely declined and asked our driver to now take us to the actual ferry dock. He was not happy but did take us to the ferry, so good for him that he fulfilled his promise and got us to the ferry in time for us to catch the next one to #9.

We did go to the museum (but it was closed)… although this is a usual occurrence for us we did get to see the rest of the complex and it was pretty incredible (more pictures to follow once downloaded).

We managed a couple more motorcycle taxis and another boat ride to be back at our Hotel Prime Centra Station in Bangkok …check it out here: http://www.primehotelsthailand.com/  and watch for my Hotel review on Trip Advisor.

We had a nice little rest and now about to meet up with the rest of our tour group with GAdventures : https://www.gadventures.com/trips/indochina-encompassed/ATIE/





1 thought on “Wat, another wat, and another… Bangkok Temples”

  1. Great to meet you Tonight. I will look forward to reading your blog!

    Karen and Mike
    Your traveling family got the next 4 weeks.


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