100,000+ readers and counting…

Well, a huge thank you to all those of you who are keeping up and staying connected to this blog and to my food and hotel reviews on Trip Advisor and Google Guides…the ride (and travel) is about to get a lot more exciting in the next few weeks.

A few of you have mentioned that there has not been too much ‘action’ here for a few months…not to worry…(yes I did have a bit of a bout with a virus, and we lost a family member) I have been planning more trips for 2018!

For all you ‘armchair’ tourists (hope you are cozy) we will be seeing some of the most spectacular scenery in the world through South East Asia and then through six countries in Africa. For wild life buffs Africa will be incredible …again!

There will be a surprise landing in the fall… stay connected to find out where ‘in the world’ we will be then!



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