On the Road to Chiang Khong – The White Temple

On the road from Chiang Mai to Chiang Kong we passed a beautiful small town called Chinag Rai. This was the scheduled stop for the group to visit the White Temple. It is visible from a distance because of its stark white colour but also because of its mirrored sliver detail. The silver and white of the White temple represents purity and wisdom to the locals!

Beautiful and a little terrifying all at once this (privately built) temple has an entrance to hell where lost souls call out to those who cross over the bridge and the beauty of the temple entices believers to take the chance of walking past the mouth of hell.

Built by a private person who funded the build completely from his own money this temple is exquisite in it’s details, artistic form, and it’s excess! My first thought when seeing it was…how many people could this have fed, housed, or clothed? I understand devotion but found this excess a bit hard on the soul.

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