Doi Sutehep Temple (The White Elephant Temple)

Don’t be put off visiting this beautiful temple because of the 309 steps…there is a funicular that takes you to the top easily. Our guide explained how the white elephant brought (some)the ashes of the Lord Buddha to this place, circled the top of the mountain three times, trumpeted three times and then fell dead! The ashes that were enshrined inside the temple makes this a very holy place for all Buddhists.

The white jade carvings are exquisite and the gardens are quite beautiful.

If you take the path to the right you can see an expansive view down onto Chiang Mai city especially if it is clear day.

Cross the street from the exit and have a quick walk down the ‘merchant’ side of the street and see what the shops are offering. At the very bottom of the strip of merchant shops there is a shop that will catch your attention the edible bug shop… yes there are all kinds of bugs, beetles, and worms fried to perfection, crunchy, or ready to cook!

We thought of buying some for the group but thought better of it for first timers!


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