Ock PopTok Silk Factory in Luang Prabang and more food!

The Ock Pop Tok silk factory was incredible! They make the silk from scratch…well from silk worms…they do all the making work!

They use natural vegetable dyes and hand spin and hand loom the threads into incredible masterpieces! Yes I bought one! Ok 2!

From the history of the silk worm (a highly guarded secret for 3000 years) to the natural dyes, to the spinning and hand loom creation of these intricate masterpieces this tour is fantastic! It is free and they will even send a tuk tuk to pick you up and drop you off at your Hotel!
The weavers here have all been trained in their own villages so local content and artistic impression is evident but the traditional designs are still used and create vibrant works of art with local flavor.

Highly recommended for the informative value while assisting the local economy and a wonderful project!


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