Vang Vieng Home Stay…Yay!

This lovely village of Vang Vieng is located just outside the main town. It took a few minutes to navigate the dirt roads and get to our center village.





Our home stay hosts were awaiting us. After some quick introductions we were whisked off to get settled in our rooms and meet our families where we were dressed in traditional clothes.



Back to the local lodge center for dinner which was more than amazing. I can honestly say most of the very excellent food on this trip was the local home made food and street food. A couple of restaurants served good food but not amazing like the home made ‘right out of the kitchen’ deliciousness from our host families.

The evening was spent in song and dance! Yes, there were about 100 children from this small village who sang and danced traditional dances for us. They even allowed us to participate and taught us a new dance.







The group purchased exercise books and pencils for the children, which made their day! Hopefully they will have a good use of them. We said good night and then made our way back to our home stay room for a good night’s sleep.

Our host showed us how to drop the mosquito net around the bed and get the fan started so that we would have some good air circulation.

We had a wonderful sleep and awoke refreshed and ready for breakfast to be served in the center village room with the rest of the group. A great breakfast was followed with a quick bus boarding and off to our next location just 30 minutes away at the town of Vang Vieng. 

Recommended for those who want an authentic home experience a home stay should be on your list but be ready for local living conditions as well.


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