Hanoi … Oi…and it’s only day 2!

As all true foodie troopers our second day in Hanoi was replete with food and food and more food. The Hotel breakfast was marvelous, the lunch was exceptional, and dinner was …well the same as the previous two… only better!
Ah Vietnamese food, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

This would be a very log post indeed.

The attraction of the day (other than food) was walking the city and a ‘Water Puppet Show’… yes that is correct…a water puppet show. I was so intrigued by how this would all work…puppets, water, and well the whole thing had me pretty well baffled. So, we headed off to the theater for the show.




I must say I was enchanted, amazed and quite literally in awe of the characters and their weird and wonderful take on Vietnamese life and the impact the water has on every aspect of their being. The show was superb. The musicians and singers were quite incredible as they told the stories in music and vocals that literally sent chills down my spine with the sheer beauty and quality of the performance. I now have a whole new understanding of how the water puppets do their work and also a new found understanding of every day Vietnamese daily life. The instrumentalist playing this 1 string instrument was amazing!


This is a must see for the lovely venue and the pure beauty of the cultural value.


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