Welcome to Viet Nam…street food too!

As we arrived in VietNam we realized that the weather was going to be warmer and the food was going to be hotter…but not yet.

We arrived at our Hotel to find our guide Lilly waiting to take us on a street food tour…we could hardly believe our good fortune. So, 12 weary, hungry travelers took to the streets of HanNoi to ‘get down to the street food’ in small cafes, with local fruit venders, and meats of all denominations.

We were a ‘hangry’ bunch and by that time of the day we were ready to eat anything that didn’t eat us first! And we did…




We sampled (that is a nice way of putting it) sauces, soups, meats, veggies, fruits and ‘oh my Buddha’ just about everything else. We even tasted the local beer…yummm.

We finished the evening full up with food and camaraderie at a local G Adventures project Hanoi Food Culture where we all fell in love with ‘egg coffee’ a local specialty and soooo delicious!

Highly recommended for… well…the food!




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