The Plague of the 40 Page Menus

The only real complaint from our group about the restaurants we visited was the a fact that they had 40 page menus! But, the real dilemma comes from only being able to eat one main dish (although some of us tried for more). It was almost an impossible number of choices each time we sat down to order…pages, and pages, and more pages of food items that all looked so good, or sounded tasty, or made your taste buds come alive just from the description.



The last night that two of our fellow travelers were with us (they begrudgingly left for home the next day) we attended a wonderful restaurant but again the tiresome job of choosing only enough food for one meal (be it a large one). From rice stuffed into a whole pineapple, to seafood curry wrapped delicately in a banana palm leaf, to a sublime seafood salad that still makes my mouth water…the choices were too much and we quite nearly broke.





But, alas we all managed to ‘make good choices’ and eat all the food that we ordered.
The Vietnamese Aroma Restaurant is high on my list if I ever get back to this side of the world again!
Have a look for yourself:

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