If you like food…. and we do…come to The Malis!

We have tried many different kinds of food on this trip and we loved it all, from cockroaches to crickets, from noodles to egg coffee… so far, so good, not a bad meal yet! Actually most were pretty good with some quite incredible!
Phnom Penh has some spectacular restaurants and we were fortunate to visit a few.

We managed to wiggle our way into the guest list with our Canadaian ‘family’ to eat at the wonderful Malis restrauant. The soothing entry with small ponds of water brought the hustle and bustle of the city to a wisper as we were seated. The wait staff were experienced with their recommendations and attentive while we chose our selections. The menu was wonderful with pictures of the different dishes (which helped wth the selection).
I indulged myself with the platter of special selections from the menu. I must say the Amok is fantastic and may be my favorite Cambodian food dish. I am told that the sausages are also quite incredible, as well as the crab, the seafood, and the salad! (you get the idea).
We enjoyed the meal so much that we (our Canadian friends) ordered a second bottle of wine. (Yes, Marshal, I do owe you a couple of glasses of wine from this meal still to this day). We will catch up in a future trip and sip some wine together!
Highly recommended for the beauty of the surroundings, wonderful wait staff, and the incredible food!


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