The Cu Chi Tunnels – a close call!

If you like small spaces…go here!
These are the tunnels used during the ‘American’ war in Viet Nam. Read up on the history here:

It is a little harrowing if you get in and you can’t get out… as Mike found out! But, he managed to wiggle and waggle and get himself out of the small hole that was the end of a tunnel. I’m sure he loved the experience.








Our one Canadian friend went through almost all the tunnels! One of the only tourists who has ever done this! Great job Robin!

Our group went to visit the site and had very good recommendations about it upon their return. My husband is a little claustrophobic and even he took the chance and went in to the tunnel! I was surprised…and I guess he was too!
Have a look but don’t get freaked out by the close quarters!


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