We’re psycho for cyclo tours!

Yes, we did it again…we took another cyclo tour. For those of us who have never experienced a cyclo tour it is a bicycle driven front facing seat (for the best views of the traffic coming at you at break neck speed). Ah, but I digress… the excitement of driving along at a relatively slow pace in a fast paced environment is interesting, to say the least. South East Asia is famous for this mode of transportation so if you have the chance take a tour!

Our cycle operators were very experienced and were able to point out interesting landmarks where our local guide gave us more information on the history or the culture surrounding the landmark. We made a number of stops to have a closer look and to get in our photo opps. We took pictures of the city and of our fellow cyclists en-route.

The cyclo tour is very popular because it slows down the pace of the city to a crawl. It also allows time to take pictures of interesting buildings, surroundings and other tourists! The drivers are very capable and some speak a little English to point out interesting places or to make a quick joke about some thing that you are not quite sure what it is or means, except for the laughter!
We loved the cyclo tour in Phnom Penh, it was well worth the extra effort right after getting off a long day bus ride!


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