Three desserts for breakfast? Why not?

The Chakalaka has a breakfast buffet that is worth sinking your teeth into every Saturday and Sunday (yes, read that which ever way you like!)

If you like dessert for breakfast (as I do) then you may want to try a tangy lemon square, or maybe black forest cake, or a fluffy cheesecake. If traditional is more your style try a fresh to order omelette with all the ingredients you love.

You must try the home made Greek style chicken and leek sausage, or hand sliced ham to cozy up to that omelette. Throw in a few garlicky butter shrimp or crispy chicken and you’ve got it made. The hardest part of this buffet are the choices… So, come out to one of the best buffets around.





The staff are efficient and very friendly and the owner is right in the

thick of things!

Highly reommended


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