The Dusit Zoo in Bangkok

This is a massive are (about 189,000 sq meters) with a large animal population of over 1600 different animals. You can take the day and stroll around or hop on the tram and do a circle tour. Either way the zoo is always popular with kids (large and small) and never ceases to amaze me with so much life and at times action. Well worth the time and money this zoo has some very interesting animals like ‘barking deer’ and Bengal tigers.
We were enthralled with the orangutan who seemed to smile at me and ‘held his own hand’. These are social creatures so this may have been a calming mechanism to make him feel less alone (we did not see any other orangutans present).


You can find tuk tuks around the corner or across the street to take you back to your hotel. Bring water, hats, and sun screen as it is a bit of a walk about!


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